Lake Creek Area, Alaska Weather

Weather in June: June is typically a fairweather month in the Lake Creek area. Temperatures range from 65 to 85 degrees by day. We have nearly 10 hours of direct sunlight overhead and 24 hours of daylight for the majority of June. June is our dry month although at times we can have scattered rain showers and thunderstorms. Fishermen prepare by packing clothes to meet the extremes of June. Long-sleeve, lightweight supplex, or other breathable fabric shirts are ideal. Long sleeves help keep off the sun and bugs and the breathable material helps keep you cool on hot days. A rain-proof jacket is advised for all months of summer in Alaska. Also, a good hat to block the sun + plenty of sunscreen to avoid UV damage while on the water.
Weather in July: July ranges from highs in the 60s to 70s generally in the Lake Creek area. Early July tends to by dry and warmer much like June, while the latter half of July can see a mix of sun and overcast skies, and with the clouds come cooler weather. Daylight hours begin to shorten, but we still have 18 hours of "fishable" daylight.
Weather in August: August is a dynamic month by weather standards. We can reach the mid-70s on clear, sunny days, or reach only 50 degrees during low pressure fronts. It is advised that fishermen dress in layers starting with a rainproof shell, a fleece pullover and a t-shirt or breathable button-up shirt underneath. Mornings are quite cool at times, especially in the latter half of August and it's best that one is prepared for cool low temperatures. By mid-day temperatures may rise 35 degrees.